About Me

I’m a software developer, problem solver and lifelong learner. I love open source technology, music and video games. I love things that that I have never done before.


I studied EE in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. In my junior year, I found myself more interested in Computer Science, so I started learning different programming languages. I enjoy self-learning more than taking classes, and almost everything I know about CS was self-learned.

After graduation from BUPT, I got a job from Sohu.com, where I had a chance to get involved into the development of a very large-scaled system.

Over one-year work at Sohu.com, I decided to get myself a degree in CS. I came to USA to study a master’s degree in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, and will pursue a career in this beautiful nation after graduation.


I live in Jersey City now. It has great weather, a peaceful community, a good public transport system and is the best place I have ever lived.


Email: dingpeixuan911</at>gmail.com

Twitter: @Dingpeixuan

Github: dinever

Stackoverflow: dinever